We provide a range of company insolvency services including business rescue and recovery, company liquidation, administration and corporate voluntary arrangements.

Economic downturn, rapid market changes, new competitors, failure of customers to pay overdue accounts, the loss of a major contract or strategic errors any or all of these can plunge a company into serious financial distress.

When a business finds itself experiencing increasing cash flow problems, the pressures of chasing the next sale, collecting money owed, paying impatient suppliers and meeting payroll commitments can cause much distress. Quite often the owner of the business or the board of directors feel they have no options available to them.

As licensed company insolvency practitioners, we assist both company directors and sole traders when difficult trading conditions are being experienced. All businesses regardless of their size are likely to experience periods of difficult trading at some point. Whether they can weather the storm depends on a variety of factors. A business insolvency practitioner will assess your particular situation and advise on the best course of action, whether that is a rescue and restructuring plan to improve cashflow and profitability or a formal insolvency procedure such as a CVA, company administration or company liquidation. A range of company insolvency services are available including:

We specialise in assisting small and medium sized businesses including limited companies, partnerships and sole traders.

Business Rescue

A company rescue plan is designed to keep your company trading so you can trade back to profit.

It usually involves a combination of business stabilisation, financial restructuring and refinancing, operational turnaround.

Company Administration

Increasingly the process of Administration is used as part of restructuring a business enabling the business to buy time to deal with historical difficulties that may be preventing the business from moving forward.


A Company Voluntary Arrangement is a procedure whereby the company sets out its proposals to creditors to repay some or all of the debts owing, over a period of time.

We offer a unique service for the smaller business with prices from as little as 2,500.

Company Liquidation

This a formal insolvency processes where the business is at an end, when it becomes apparent that trading cannot continue and that creditors will not be paid in full.

Our voluntary liquidation solution for smaller business including limited company liquidation costs as little as 2,500 and provides legitimate options for asset re-purchase and business.

Factors which contribute to a company having serious cash flow difficulties may be beyond the control of the directors. This can mean that whilst the company is unable to pay its debts, the core business of the business is good and, given the right opportunity, could still flourish and grow. Under such circumstances it may be possible to to implement a business rescue package.

When a rescue solution is not an option, it may still be possible for you to be involved in the running of the business through a new company. It is the legal duty of the Insolvency Practitioner to obtain the best solution for creditors, often this is compatible with your desire to buy back the business from insolvency.

The most important decision is to seek expert help to find a solution to your problems, the earlier you make the decision the better. Our advice is totally impartial and any initial consultation with us is given to you free of charge.