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Company Rescue Services

The objective of our Company Rescue services is to save your company so that it can trade its way out of difficulties and back into profit. 

In today’s fast paced and evolving marketplace even the best managed business can at times face difficulties.

When difficulties occur, early and constructive action and advice is required, recognising the scope of options and solutions available.

Our priority will always be, wherever possible, to rescue a company and restore its value. We will assess the strengths and weaknesses of a business, consider what steps are needed to stabilise matters, and focus on its ongoing viability.

We undertake assignments of all sizes and complexity, from large corporates to small family owned businesses.

As specialists in corporate turnaround, restructuring and recovery, our focus is providing clients with objective, independent advice and delivering creative solutions to complex problems. Whatever the situation, we can help find the optimum outcome by identifying and understanding the causes of  decline and putting in place a recovery programme.

Corporate Rescue involves three major processes of:

Crisis Stabilisation and Cash Management

Take the necessary short term actions to stabilise the distressed company and ultimately to allow a longer term solution to be pursued.

Financial restructuring

Operational Plan

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